With our state-of-the-art LenSx femtosecond laser, Paragon Eye Associates, formerly Ford Eye Center, provides patients with computer-controlled precision to automates some of the most challenging steps of cataract eye surgery.

  • Laser-assisted, bladeless technology

  • Computer-controlled precision

  • Enhanced and reliable procedure

  • Advanced technology for improved results

Procedures that used to be done by hand can now be performed by the laser for an enhanced and reliable surgical procedure. The LenSx laser optimizes incisions, corrects astigmatism and allows for fragmenting the cataract into smaller pieces for ease of removal. Patients experience refractive-like outcomes that are not usually achievable with traditional cataract surgery, giving you peace of mind and improved results.

Intraocular Lens (IOL) Options

At Paragon Eye Associates, formerly Ford Eye Center, we want to make your visual goals a reality. Prior to your cataract surgery, Dr. Ford or Dr. Blair will discuss all your options with you and make a recommendation based on your current vision and goals.

Once the cataract is removed, every patient requires an Intraocular Lens to replace their natural lens. We offer many choices for lens selection, including multifocal or bifocal IOLs, astigmatism-correcting toric IOLs and monovision options.

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