December Cheer: Play Safe and Celebrate Bright!

December Cheer: Play Safe and Celebrate Bright!

As we dive into December, filled with joy and the spirit of giving, let’s chat about something important – keeping those little peepers safe during all the holiday fun. Did you know that about 1 in 10 children end up in the ER due to eye injuries from toys? That’s why December is our special Safe Toys and Celebrations Month, reminding us to choose wisely and celebrate responsibly.

Let’s Talk Toy Safety for Happy Eyes

Picture this: your kids unwrapping a gift with pure excitement. We want those moments to be memorable for all the right reasons, not for unexpected ER visits. The American Academy of Ophthalmology reminds us to be picky when choosing toys, especially those that can lead to eye injuries.

Toys that launch projectiles, such as crossbows and BB guns, are among the primary culprits behind eye injuries in children. While these toys may seem thrilling, the potential risks far outweigh the momentary excitement. Opt for safer alternatives that stimulate creativity, learning, and fun without risking your child’s eyes. Board games, art supplies, and age-appropriate puzzles are excellent choices that contribute to a child’s development without compromising safety.

Pop the Bubbly, Not the Fun

Cheers are in order as we say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one! But, hold up – popping that champagne should be more celebration, less hazard. The American Academy of Ophthalmology has some handy tips for a safe champagne toast:

  1. Cool Down the Bubbly: Cold champagne is less likely to go fizzy-crazy when opened, which means fewer spills and zero chance of eye contact.
  2. Point Away Like a Pro: When it’s time to pop, aim that bottle away from faces. Hold the cork, gently twist the bottle, and let the pressure out slowly.
  3. Cork Control: Wrap a towel over the cork and keep your hand firmly on it as you twist. It’s like a magic trick to keep that cork from doing a disappearing act.
  4. Fizz Care: Whether it’s champagne, sparkling wine, or any fizzy drink, treat them all with some care. Bubbles can pack a punch, so caution keeps the celebration smooth.

A Safe and Merry Season for All

This December, let’s sprinkle a bit of caution into the holiday mix. Choose toys that bring joy without worry and pop that champagne with a cheerful twist. Prioritize the safety of those little eyes, and you’re all set for a season of happy, healthy, and accident-free celebrations!

Here’s to a December filled with laughter, love, and fantastic memories. From all of us here at Paragon Eye Associates, happy holidays, stay safe, and enjoy every moment!

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