Often mistaken for farsightedness; presbyopia is a condition that makes it hard to focus on nearby objects. That said, this condition is distinct in its cause and often in its treatment. If you struggle with this issue and are seeking a solution, we can help. At Paragon Eye Associates, we provide LASIK eye surgery and other non-surgical options to help you improve your vision and feel happier.


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What is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is similar to farsightedness but has different causes. If you are suffering from this condition, you may find that moving objects like books or tablets farther away makes them easier to read. This can be a nuisance, and things may still be difficult to read because even though they are in focus, they look farther away. Those who have this condition may also struggle with blurred vision, eyestrain, and frequent headaches.

What Causes Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is caused by the hardening of the lenses in your eyes with age. As these lenses lose flexibility, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to focus light within your eyes. There is no way to stop or reverse this process. However, there are measures that we can take to improve your vision.

What Are the Treatment Options?

LASIK eye surgery offers a technique called monovision. This technique involves reshaping the lens of one eye for far vision and the other for near vision. Most patients undergo a trial with either glasses or contact lenses to see if they can tolerate this change. 

Cataract surgery and clear lens extractions can be used to address this issue as well. During your consultation, we can discuss which option best suits your specific needs.

Treatments for Presbyopia in Arlington and Mansfield, Texas

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