Eye Drops

Eye Drops

Addressing eye concerns doesn’t always require lengthy in-office procedures. When it comes to allergies, dry eyes, or certain infections, prescription eye drops may be all that’s needed to help you feel better. At Paragon Eye Associates, we evaluate eye concerns and offer treatments that you can administer yourself at home. Get in touch with one of our locations to learn more today.


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What Do Eye Drops Contain?

Eye drops can contain different ingredients depending on your specific needs. Polyethylene glycol, glycerine, and mineral oil are a few commonly found ingredients. There are drops formulated to treat specific conditions, and then there are those that function to simply lubricate your eyes. We can make recommendations to determine which is right for you during your appointment.

When Are Eye Drops Needed?

While some issues require invasive solutions, others can be addressed through the use of medication. This form of medication is simple, comfortable to use, and can be administered safely at home. Common concerns addressed by prescription drops include:

Eye Exams Here at Paragon Eye Associates

We take the health of your eyes seriously. During your appointment, we will perform an eye exam that will test your vision and identify symptoms of any underlying conditions. If you have allergies, dry eyes, an infection, or any other similar issues, we can provide a prescription.

Prescription Eye Drops in Arlington and Mansfield, Texas

At Paragon Eye Associates; we offer eye drops to those with certain vision concerns. If you have allergies, an infection, or another issue, we welcome you to come in for an eye exam today. To get started, simply fill out the form below. You can also get in touch over the phone by dialing (817) 277-6433 for our Arlington office or (817) 477-0223 for our Mansfield office.

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Give your eyes the treatment they deserve here at Paragon Eye Associates. Request a consultation by filling out and submitting the form below. You can also contact us over the phone by dialing (817) 277-6433 for our Arlington office or (817) 477-0223 for our Mansfield office. For referrals, click here.