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Pam H.
Submitted 04/04/22

I needed more contacts and was not going to be back in the Arlington area until my appointment in two months. Jeannine was wonderful, once again! She ordered my contacts and had them shipped to one of the travel locations. She was quickly available, assessed my needs and efficiently took care of the situation. Many thanks to Jeannine!

Vanessa B.
Submitted 04/04/22

Needed glasses really bad. Went to one doctor, three prescriptions and still could not see clearly. Went to Dr. Baker at Paragon, the first visit he got the prescription right, they understood exactly what I needed. I can see.

Bonnie B.
Submitted 04/04/22

Dr. Welding treats his patients as though each one is the only patient he has. He takes time to listen and respond to all questions and concerns. He attempts to help with samples until his patients are able to move forward and regain full vision after procedures. He is kind and thoughtful and accommodating. He goes above and beyond every time! Thank you Dr. Welding!

Edmore G.
Submitted 04/04/22

Awesome Staff and care!

Nancy H.
Submitted 04/04/22

Each time I visit Dr. Baker, he is thorough, kind, and professional, always allowing time for concerns and questions.

Virginia J.
Submitted 04/04/22

Due to my advanced age I have special issues which require specific tests and meds, and I feel that Dr. Fontenot provides for those needs quite well. Her office staff demonstrate seamless teamwork as well which, to me, reflects they are happy to work with Dr. Fontenot.

Peggy O.
Submitted 04/04/22

While I wasn’t too happy about the wait time I do have to say I was very happy with the staff and Dr. Baker! Jeanine was very pleasant and patient. Dr. Baker was honest with me about the fact my prescription had not changed enough to warrant buying new glasses. I appreciate that he wasn’t trying to make money off me and was upfront with me. I would definitely recommend this office and Dr to friends and family.

Judith W.
Submitted 04/04/22

For many years I have come to expect the highest quality care and attention from the medical team at Paragon and this time was no exception. Dr. Baker was professional and thorough in his exam and provided information about my eye health and my prescription. In the Optical Shop I was fortunate to have Emmanuel assist me with the selection of my new glasses. He is kind, attentive and responsive to the customers requests. He went above and beyond to assist with my selection of frames and expedited delivery of my glasses. Overall, the medical side and the optical shop of Paragon are the best. I highly recommend them.

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